Hello all,

This release brings several important fixes and improvements. It is very stable, but we still marked it as BETA/Testing due to few significant changes. This release's trial period ends on 12/7/2016 for unregistered users. If everything will go as planned, we will include these changes into next full release.

We are still working on other big changes in UI, even bigger improvements in limiting engine and also on several brand-new awesome features.

Big thanks to everyone who purchased the software or helped us to improve it with their bug reports or suggestions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug causing NetLimiter to improperly detect application path of running process under certain conditions. NetLimiter ignored rules so it was not possible to block or permit given connection etc.
  • Possible unexpected behavior of NetLimiter Service during system startup fixed.
  • NetLimiter service failed to install or start due to wrong configuration of its registry keys.

New features

  • Improved system compatibility. We changed some low level parameters to avoid possible troubles while capturing network traffic.
  • Optimized GUI startup. It's faster and more reliable now.
  • Installer now notifies user about old/not updated version of Windows.


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